Monday, October 3, 2011

{weddings} lauren & chris

This wedding has been featured on The Loveliest Day.

A while back, I was looking through old family photos, and I found a newspaper wedding announcement from my great-grandparents' 1924 wedding, which started off with "simplicity wil characterize the wedding..." The same could be said for Lauren and Chris's wedding. Sure, there were lots of gorgeous details and thought put into them, but at the end of the day, it was simple: Lauren loves Chris. Chris loves Lauren. Together they love their family and friends and are loved back by them. Love love love. So simple. So obvious.

They day started off with their arrival with their bridal party. People filed into the beautiful chapel at Mills College. The service was sweet and inclusive. We headed over to the Reinhardt House on campus for the reception, taking pictures a long the way. Chris was handsome as ever, and Lauren was stunning (I can't emphasize that enough)! The reception was relaxed, a mix of good food and funny toasts. The dancing was off the hook. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I have a soft spot for killer dance parties. The DJ used actual honest-to-God records, and all the kids took their turns breakdancing on the patio. How could it get any better? Oh, but then it did get better. They served Its-Its at the end of the night!






bridal party

portraits 2





cake cutting




To Lauren & Chris: Thank you for being so wonderful and for loving each other the way you do. Here's to a bright and happy future together!

Check out their engagement photos here.


  1. Fantastic couple, it's a simple but romantic wedding. Congratulations and best wishes ! Nice family you had.

  2. Amazing array of photos, Emily! You really captured the spirit of the day. Just got a bit emotional...but mothers of the bride can be that way! :) Congrats to Lauren and Chris for planning a beautiful and fun event, so reflective of them as a couple. Love you both...great memories of a glorious day!


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