Monday, January 9, 2012

{weddings} nicole & chudi

Nicole and Chudi stayed close to home when they married at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House followed by a reception at Axis Cafe. They got ready separately, she giddy, he calm, and when they first saw each other during the ceremony, you could feel their excitement fill the room. And on a personal note, my friend, Amber, played music during the ceremony; it was so fun to work with her! The reception was chic and modern, with florals done by a friend and decorations that payed homage to their cultural and national backgrounds. During the reception, they surprised their guests by changing into traditional Nigerian attire, making for an exciting and colourful celebration!









To Nicole & Chudi: It was so wonderful to meet you both! I hope the joy and excitement of your wedding carries over into the rest of your lives together!

Check out their engagement photos here.

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