Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the new site is almost here!

Hello all! I've been very excited with this brand overhaul and have been busy working to get the new site together, hopefully to launch this week or early next! I wanted to wait until it's ready before writing new blog posts (the new site has a blog attached), but I thought I should put my contact information here just in case anyone needs to get a hold of me during the switchover.

My email is emily {at} emilytakesphotos {com}, but if that doesn't work, I can be reached at emily.perello {at}

Once the site is switched over, I won't update this blog anymore, so I'll post a link to the new site, so if you subscribe to this in an RSS reader, you can make the switch then.

In the meantime, I want to talk about the awesome team I've been working with to make this new site happen: Liz and Jeff of Super Runaway! They're the team behind a few awesome sites, including A Practical Wedding, and I had a chance to work with them bit while the Vendor Directory was being built last summer. Liz handles the aesthetic design side of things, and Jeff takes care of the technical stuff, and together, they are INCREDIBLE.


Need proof? Okay!

When I originally started talking with Liz about the look and feel of the site, she suggested I create a board on Pinterest of things I like design/colour-wise, and she would use that and my current logo (the bird) to create a new look for me. I was drawn to a lot of vintage kitchenware, as well as pretty much everything on the Anthropologie website, and in the end I sent her this:


After a few days she sent back some mood boards with ideas for the site, and her designs we so in sync with what I had been imagining but didn't know how to describe. For a second I was like LADY GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!


The thing that blew me away the most was how she took the teardrop shape of the bird's feathers in my logo (originally designed by my friend, Sophia Umansky) and used that shape to create new shapes (frankly, I don't think I'd even noticed the teardrop shape until she did that)! After sending back some notes, she sent me four incredibly beautiful designs, and I had a hard time just choosing one, so I've asked for the other designs to be incorporated into print materials to be designed later.

And I don't want to forget about Jeff, who has been an absolute dream to work with and has helped me learn how to work with WordPress and made the tech side of the process super easy. He is so knowledgeable and reliable and quick with his work, and has explained all the components to me so that I understand what's going on behind the scene but don't have to do the grunt work (YES!). I know they're out of town right now, but I email them whenever I think of something or have a questions so I don't forget about it later, and he still responds. I'm like DUDE GO ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!!

I really love these two. :) Go check out their awesome site and see some of their other projects. Oh yeah, and their 3-D page. Seriously. Try it with 3-D glasses. It's awesome!

So that's all for now, and I'll write again once the new site is live. Until then, here's a sneak peek!



  1. This is phenomenal! I cannot wait to peruse your new site :-)

  2. Yay, Super Runaway! I can't wait to see the new site!!

  3. Me too! Me too! I love them so much. I love how all of our respective sites are so different and fit us so well.


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